Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Midway Through Coronageddon by Drew Washington

“Coronageddon” has been underway for a few months now.

A few months ago the CPH (California Highway Patrol) closed the the 91 Freeway in Corona area so crews could finish removal of a bridge. This is part of a plan to widen the freeway in this area.

The closure lasted 55 hours and was nicknamed “Coronageddon.” This would help to give people a way to remember what was going on. The closure began at 9 pm and lasted through the weekend. The are covered was a 6 mile stretch between the 15 and the 71 freeways. They did manage to finish early and the congestion was quite low with the open communication.

The work done was on the Maple Street Bridge, which was demolished and in it's place put a support structure for and eventual ramp. 

The $1.4 billion project began in 2014 for the vital link between Inland Empire communities and Orange County.

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